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Children's Craniofacial Association

Children's Craniofacial Association (CCA) was founded in the year 1989. Members of the organisation are patients with craniofacial abnormalities and people who have facial injuries from an
CCA provides help and support for members and their families. They have an annual family trip for members, and it was Cher who started it in 1990.

Cher became the ambassador of CCA after her roll in the movie "Mask", from 1985, as the mother Rusty Dennis to Rocky, a child with seriously craniofacial abnormalities due to a rare disease.

I have done some research on the real Rocky Dennis. He was born in the year 1961 and died in the year 1978. He was born with the extreamly rare disease Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia. A website also tells that he had problems with hearing and his sight due to the rare disease.
Leave virtual flowers and a note for Rocky at

Craniofacial abnormalities mean abnormalities in the facial area and/or on the scull. It can be a result of rare diseases or accidents. Some of the rare diseases are Apart and Crouzon syndrome.
Some of the things CCA do is to give financial help to member families. They get money from many sources. There is an Cher Convention in the USA, and the profit from the convention goes to CCA. The annual motorcycle ride in Sturgis also gives money to CCA, and if you follow the
link, you can read more about Sturgis Rally.
Read more about Sturgis Rally here